Why different seekers see the same Absolute Truth differently

by June 26, 2013

When we see milk, we see that it is white; when we taste

it, it appears that milk is very palatable. When we touch milk, it

appears very cold; when we smell milk, it appears to have a very good

flavor; and when we hear, we understand that it is called milk.

Perceiving milk with different senses, we say that it is something white,

something very delicious, something very aromatic, and so on. Actually,

it is milk. Similarly, those who are trying to find the Supreme Godhead

by mental speculation may approach the bodily effulgence, or the

impersonal Brahman, and those who are trying to find the Supreme Godhead

by yoga practice may find Him as the localized Supersoul, but those who

are directly trying to approach the Supreme Truth by practice of bhaktiyoga

can see Him face to face as the Supreme Person.

Ultimately, the Supreme Person is the destination of all different

processes. The fortunate person who, by following the principles of

scriptures, becomes completely purified of all material contamination,

surrenders unto the Supreme Lord as everything. Just as one can

appreciate the real taste of milk with the tongue and not with the eyes,

nostrils or ears, one can similarly appreciate the Absolute Truth

perfectly and with all relishable pleasure only through one path,

devotional service.

Srimad Bhagavatam 3.32.33 purport

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