Are divorces among ISKCON devotees happening because most devotees have Western gurus who subsconsciously Western culture among their disciples?

by Chaitanya CharanJuly 16, 2013

From: Trivikrama Das
I heard  some  senior  devotees telling me that since most of  ISKCON followers have  Gurus that are from western countries, we might be getting western culture where parents are disrespected by children and where children abandon their parents after 18  years of  age. Is this  true? According to me, once the  ‘western gurus’ have accepted vedic culture, they are transformed and they no longer subscribe to western culture. But that devotee seemed to tell that they invariably, subconsciously induce western culture amongst their indian disciples and that is the root cause of divorces among devotee couples and many brahmacaris disrespecting their parents and joining the ashram  without their parent’s consent. Can you please clarify  this doubt?

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