Do engineers have secure future in devotional life?

by Chaitanya CharanJuly 27, 2013

From: Keshav
I took Electronics & Communication
Engg. due to my keen interest in Science
& passion to know the mysteries of universe,
But after i came in touch with Prabhupada’s
books , the aim of life completely changed .

But now when i am in my last semester
I think that the ultimate reason to study any material book is to earn livelihood .

As you know that Engineer’s mostly devote their life , in research & that too for material organisations, it keeps them away from the actual goal of life i.e Krsna Conciousness .

There are many exams like GATE , IES , IAS.
All requires extensive material brainstorming sessions to reach the goal.

Now each of us have in front of us
Spiritual & Material choice , but the material compulsions are so much that they are making us forget our spiritual identity .
To make us more inclined toward research and Development we are given allurements like Incentives,Gadets,Name ,Fame etc .

How can engineer’s overcome such things
there is so much competition that unless you focus on your goal completely submerged in it , you can never reach it . You have to study hard , very hard for very long hours.

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