How can I overcome the tendency to neglect aspects of bhakti like Kuntis prayers that are not focused on the worship of the highest form of Krishna?

by Chaitanya CharanJuly 8, 2013

I have very bad impression of higher dharma lower dharma concept. I have some sort of calculative tendency that if I do this spiritual activity what will be my position in spiritual world. The problem has become more intense since last two months. Now a days,  say I want to read Vishnu sahasranam with my mother , then a thought comes that this is lower forms of worship . Yesterday I was reading teachings of Queen Kunti and wanted to chant her prayers, even at  that time this thought  was troubling me,  that Queen Kunit was worshipping  another form of Krishna which is not the highest form of worship. In each and every spiritual activity that I perform I am calculating like this. How shall I give up this attitude?

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