How can we decide that our seeing Krishna’s hand in daily events is proper or is just imagination?

by Chaitanya CharanJuly 6, 2013

From Vraj Dham Pr:

Last sunday you were giving a class on OMG part 2 where you were telling about the 3 doers in that you were mentioning that we should be very careful when we attribute everything done by Krishna. Ex: some devotees undergoing accident, Sp said devotees carelesness.

i was just reflecting there were many things like this in our day to day activities where we so unconsciously and casually push it on Krishna. ex: i was supposed to give a class in day time and i prepared well but when i went there devotees were told to attend HG RSP class of Gauranga Sabha because they were few and also need to attend them. i was thinking Krishna want me to teach the lesson of detachement So now here is it my speculation to think That Krishna is personally invoved in this or as it is said in B.G He manages ething in this world by His energies as said in B.G 9.4 to 9.10. the possibility is it could have happened as a course of activities.

question is this approach of always seeing may be krishna want me to do like this or like that in actuality it may not be the case drawing such conclusions and at the same time seeing Krishnas hand in every thing. How to balance this can you please explain this in th light of BG 7 to 9 chapters

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