I have been a lifelong strict vegetarian but due to bad association have eaten meat and so am feeling myself becoming impure and going away from Krishna. What should I do?

by Chaitanya CharanJuly 12, 2013

ji I need a suggestion , firstly I want to tell u that I am a braman puttra , the name given above is fake ,(sorry its just because I don’t want to share my identity ) .
prabhu ji , I have some new friends, by cast they all are rajputs and in there cast non-veg is allowed. And in there company , once I ate non-veg (sorry) ,but in my cast as well as in my family non veg is not allowed strictly … I am a very religious person but I don’t know how this all happen (eating non veg ) . now I fell that I am not shuadh from my mind as well as my heart. And because of these feelings I feel that I  am gettin away from my Krishna  ….. so help me by telling me what to do ……
I can’t share it with my family …… plz help me plz

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