If devotees don’t help the needy because of fear of being bound by good karma, aren’t they sacrificing basic humanity for spirituality?

by Chaitanya CharanJuly 20, 2013

From Sushant:

    Today, in my college, a handicapped child came in search of help with his father.He sits in a wheel chair and he said that he needed an amount of 2 lakh rupees to continue his medical treatment which his father could not afford himself alone.He expressed that he wants to go to school,play and do all activities like we do but cannot due to his helpless condition.So,students as well as the staff started contributing some amount of money that they could to help this child.I too wanted to contribute some money but then I was reminded about your answer podcast that even this good karma will bind me and make me suffer.So I did not make any contribution.
            After coming home,I was feeling so much guilty.I could have extended my little help to that poor child but I didn’t.

Isn’t it unfair?Aren’t we neglecting the basics of humanity for the sake of our spiritual advancement?

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