Isnt it immoral for demigods to unite with earthly women? Why has God created things like intercourse??

by Chaitanya CharanJuly 6, 2013

From Aditya Mundhala Pr through Anant Shesha Pr:

Almost everday i got habbit to offer respect to Sun God and Moon God but just after reading this incident of Mahabharat I was Shocked. I read that Mother kunti just because of eagerness called sun God an they appeared. She ask them to go and told she is not fit for such things and for this Sun God replied ” See, Now you have called me. Now I must enjoy you. How can i go? what my other kinsmen will think. Don’t worry you will not loose your virginity and they forced to have intercource” Dear Prji, How can demigod could do like this? She is of her daughter’s age. She is not willing also. Just because in heavens one doesn’t loose virginity does it means that one will be like this? By doing this do Sun God is not unfaithful to his own wife?

Please help to clear this doubts:

1) How can demigod do like this? If they do like this then how can be they faithful to there own wives?

2) How can Yamrajji who is one of the mahajan also go for intercource as asked by mother kuntiji? 3)How can motherkuntiji  be faithful then to her husband? How can she go for another men in presence of her own husband?

4)How can king Indra by changing form went to enjoy another mens wife?

5) Why It is said that by Krsna Conciousness one gets quality of Demigod? Are this the quality of Demigods?

Now thinking little more deep I got few doubts:

1) Why our sweet lord Krsna has made things like intercource?

2) Why there is things like removing clothes of one another?

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