The two phases of Maya’s activities

by July 3, 2013

Maya has two phases of

activities. One is called praksepatmika, and the other is called

avaranatmika. Avaranatmika means “covering,” and praksepatmika means

“pulling down.” In any condition of life, the materialistic person or

animal will be satisfied because his knowledge is covered by the

influence of maya. In the lower grade or lower species of life, the

development of consciousness is so poor that one cannot understand

whether he is happy or distressed. This is called avaranatmika. Even a

hog, who lives by eating stool, finds himself happy, although a person in

a higher mode of life sees that the hog is eating stool. How abominable

that life is!

Srimad Bhagavatam 3.30.4 purport

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