When does medical treatment interfere with nature?

by Chaitanya CharanJuly 27, 2013

From Kalanidhi Pr

Discussing organ donation, You mentioned that devotees do not usually like to interfere in the course of nature. The citing of exceptional example of Shyam Sundar Prabhu to prove the rule was brilliant.

While I intuitively agree with the healthiness of this sentiment, I am curious, how far can  I stretch it in practical terms? Sometihing unnatural yesterday has become natural today. Like  bypass or even assisted breathing.

One thought is, do unto others that you would like others do unto you. If I would seek blood donation in need, I may donate to others too! Is this thinking OK?

Another question is, when i get sick, how much treatment is appropriate? Whether Ayurved is more desirable than other systems. Is going under surgery is less natural than medication? . How much money should I put away for unforeseen economic or health problems? Going by the trends of sophistication in expensive medicine, sky would be the limit.

I sometimes feel a sudden death is more desirable than a prolonged one, when you agonise over various , often expensive options. How does one deal with self or family in the latter type events?

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