Due to its emphasis on class preaching, is ISKCON not losing the opportunity for mass preaching?

by Chaitanya CharanAugust 29, 2013

From Ravikant Jagtap P

Spiritual knowledge is meant for Rajrishis who have intelligence to understand it and who have influence to make it understandable to others as number of devotees and resources are few we want to help people in most effective way. We are preaching to educated and wealthy people that is out of our desire to reach every one in long run. in war less wounded people are treated first so that they can assist in treating others  but don’t you feel aspect of reaching to large number of people is neglected and discriminately preaching is done? When we have spiritual ideals like Bhakti Tirtha Swami who preach in slums and also to influencing leaders without discrimination why we discriminate so much that people feel neglected when they come to us and don’t take process seriously. As Lord Jagganath mercifully comes to give his darshan to everybody without discrimination, cant we reach more people so that they will feel loved and cared and misconception of iskcon is ment  for rich and foreigners can be broken? As we reach to every person during book marathon without discrimination can’t this mood be followed throughout year so that we can spread Prabhupada’s glory more effectively? Sorry for long question and if any devotee feel offended by this question.

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