Is the state of impersonal merging higher that personal devotion?

by Chaitanya CharanSeptember 11, 2013

From Mithilesh Mishra P

1.Vivekanandji talks about SUPERCONSCIOUS state and says that this very

state is achieved by all i.e. through highest knowledge or nirvikalpa

samadhi(jnana yogi),Nirbeej Samadhi(raja yogi)and pure love of God(bhakta)

.He further adds about the  state  which can’t be conceived through mind

because the knower and the known become one. Here those who want to keep

their minds (specially bhaktas) come back on the Bhav Samadhi stage and

serve God or Ishvar (which is shuddha sattva).


He says that bhakta becomes one with Brahman in pure stage of love (beyond

Bhav Samadhi) and again he comes on the platform of name and form and he

describes the things according to stages he passed through using his mind.


Even srutis tell in this connection “avadmansagocharam”.

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