Did Ekalvaya fight in the Kurukshetra war?

by Chaitanya CharanDecember 13, 2013

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  • Gaurav Mishra
    December 19, 2013 at 11:29 am

    prabhu, dandvat

    No eklavya didnot fight the Mahabharat war. when arjuna was shocked on hearing about Ghatotkach death, krishna smiled and he was happy and then arjuna asked why was he happy? so he replied how he had arranged the death of various warriors on kauravas side.He said this killing of ghatotkach was for the use of brahmastra by karna which karna had kept for arjuna.

    He then talked about killing of JarAsandha, shishupAl and Eklavya. Krishna said if these 3 would have been there then certainly they would have partied with kauravas and winning them was impossible.

    1. Krishna said first about death of JarAsandha. He said i arranged his death by destroying his club during one of his fight with BalrAm. if his club was there during his fight with Bhima then bhima would have met his death.

    2. krishna then said about taking of the thumb of eklavya by Drona. He said that ‘only i inspired drona to take his thumb’ otherwise he would have been an invincible archer.

    3. he then said about shishupAl killing.

    for Eklavya , he said to arjuna ‘tvat hitArth tu sa mayA hatah sangrAm murdhni……’
    Just before the onset of war he was killed by me for your benifit . This implies he got eklavya killed by inspiring Drona to take eklavya’s thum. After he gave his thumb to drona he was almost dead, he could not do archery like before.
    So, it is not that Eklavya faught the war of mahabharat.

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