Does Gita 9.32 which says that anyone can begin bhakti apply to those who fall while practicing bhakti?

by Chaitanya CharanDecember 7, 2013

The question is based on this article:

                 Never lose heart on the path of the heart                

I just have a faint feeling that there is intermixing of two concepts here:

1)      Qualification to start on devotional path

2)      Fall downs of someone traveling on this path

The main theme of the article is that we don’t need any prerequisites for zooming on the path of devotional service. In this way, this truly fulfills the communist slogan: from everyone according to his capacity, to everyone according to his needs. The verse quoted is on the same theme.

Then there is how we deal with fall downs. There are BG verses that deal with that: ksipram bhavati dharmatma, shashvat shantim nigacchati, verses around 6.35, etc. The basic theme being that there is no need of being disheartened on failure.

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