How can an aspiring devotee-precher put one’s heart in a career that increases people’s illusions?

by Chaitanya CharanDecember 31, 2013

From Aditya Kumar Jha

I’ve been reading your gita daily articles since last two months and they are inspiring me a lot. I’m connected with ISKCON, East Kailash, New Delhi. I’m currently in final year of my engineering in ECE course. Prabhuji! my point is sometimes i feel like i’m very much closer to Krishna and at other times due to my surrounding i feel frustrated and doubtful of myself. I want to prepare myself as an extensive preacher and i want to know in what way should i make a balance between my sadhana and studies? I’m studying Embedded Systems and preparing myself for this field to join a private company but then i feel as an engineer the products which we make are all based on concept of creating unnecessary wants in the market. How can i then devote my time and brain in studying these things while knowing that i’m also a part of the group who are running away from the reality and forcing people to think that technology is the only thing which can make you happy?

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