Was the Karna who was defeated by Bhima during the pre-Rajasuya yajna conquest different from the Karna who befriended Duryodhana?

by Chaitanya CharanApril 1, 2014

From Niraj

Srimad bhagavtpuraan makes it very clear karna was an honoured guest at pandavas rajsuya yagna and was in charge of the charity section. K.M. Gangulys mahabharata mentions many karna. One particular karna is mentioned but this karna king of anga is not mentioned. Here are the passages “ And making the earth tremble by means of his troops consisting of the four kinds of forces, the foremost of the Pandavas then encountered Karna that slayer of foes. And, O Bharata, having subjugated Karna and brought him under his sway, the mighty hero then vanquished the powerful king of the mountainous regions” Here we see some karna but had it been written karna of anga or karna the son of radheya or suta then it would have been beyond doubt that karna was conquered by bhima. Even when bheeshma was abusing karna left right and centre he mentioned karna failures ie virata gandharva but he did NOT mention bhima conquering karna. Incidently a son of dhirtharashtra also was named karna. Shisupala had nominated karna instead of krishna for the foremost gueste of honour. Now shishupala was evil but he had to play a role of a good sales man hence he had nominated bheeshma and other reputaed people as well. Karna too has his fair share of victories over bhima in mb war.

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