Don’t romanticize the past or demonize the present – utilize whatever is available

by Chaitanya CharanMay 28, 2014

Lecture Summary:

Don’t romanticize the past:

  1. Overview of scriptural history: Adharma present in SB, RA, MB and even CC
  2. Overview of secular history: During Buddhism / Jainism’s reign in India for some 1000 yrs, more atheistic books were written in Sanskrit than in any other classical language … Battle against monism for 1000 years … Temple desecration during Islamic rule.

Don’t demonize the present:

  1. Rupa and Sanatana G used their political acumen to act as shock-absorbers between Islamic rulers and Vaishnava community / culture
  2. Bhaktivinoda T and Bhakisiddhanta S T didn’t demonize British rule or sympathize with the Independence struggle
  3. Prabhupada saw the spiritual spark within the hippies despite their degraded condition

Don’t insist on the traditional – use the available in devotional service

Eg. Traditional gender roles vs Prabhupada’s engaging unchaperoned women in preaching and book distribution

Eg. Divine monarchy vs today’s political reality: democracy offers the most conducive environment for practicing and sharing KC

Demonization of the present ends in de-energization of our bhakti e.g. practising bhakti in an urban environment

Don’t let criticism of the social / cultural / political / economic situation deprive people of our universal spiritual message

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