I like to chant and meditate on the Supersoul. As that is my nature, can I just do this and not do other devotional activities?

by Chaitanya CharanMay 23, 2014

From Vishal

I am by nature wanting to be quiet and only discuss with any one if the other one begins. I am attracted  by the parmatama form Lord Krishna. I like to chant Hare Krishna m.m. and just meditate on its vibrations within my heart. I am at present not ready to do other services out of the nine ways of Bhakti.
So is chanting and trying to meditate on parmatma Krishna ok…
I think that since every living being has come from the spiritual world, he has his own identity and since I feel that I am naturally attracted to parmatma photo I just tend to chant constantly within mouth and try to chant 16 rounds on beads. Is it Ok?

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