Narasimhadeva’s instructions (SB 07.10.01-23) – Balancing the aspiration for pure devotion with practical action

by Chaitanya CharanMay 13, 2014

Lecture Summary: Overview of Srimad Bhagavatam 07.10.01-23:

  1. Narada sets the scene
  2. Please don’t tempt me
  3. “Do I tempt my devotees?” No, you want to demonstrate how your devotees don’t succumb to temptation
  4. “What are the qualities of the devotee?” Selfless servitorship
  5. “What are the qualities of the master?” Selfless lordship
  6. I want that selfless relationship with you
  7. If you want to fulfill any desire of mine, fulfill my desire for freedom from material desires
  8. “Why?” Desire destroys the resources that I can use for serving you
  9. Desirelessness makes one eligible for liberation [But I don’t want that]

10. [I simply want to be your servant] so I offer obeisances to my eternal Lord

11. The Lord speaks: My devotees such as you are selfless, but I want to reward them, so accept the kingdom for just one Manavantara

12. “Why are you punishing me like this?” Not a punishment, but a service. By being centered on Me, practice bhakti-yoga, not karma-yoga

13. “Will I not be bound by karma?” By bhakti, you will be jivan-mukta and eventually you will be videha-mukta

  1. 14.  “Why do all this?” For benefitting others

15. -17. Please deliver my father

18. 21 generations already purified

19. Even place of living of devotee gets purified

20-21. Set an example for people

22. Do last rites for your father – by your devotion, he will attain sublime destination

23. Rule the kingdom on my behalf



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