The nine tensions in the Bhagavatam

by June 9, 2014

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Every book has a part of its concept development a surface tension and a substance tension.

The tension in the Puranas is more difficult to understand than that in the Itihasas.

The Bhagavatam progresses towards establishing the glory of pure devotion of the gopis in Vrindavan through various tensions

Seekers’ material postion

1. Varna –

2. Race – Vritrasura, Prahlad and Bali vs Indra

3. Gender – Yajnik brahmanas vs their wives

4. Ashrama – Amabarisha vs Durvasa

5. Worldly position – Jada Bharata vs Rahugana

Seekers’ conceptions of Absolute Truth

6. Brahman vs Bhagavan – Sukadeva G and Kumaras

7. Vishnu vs Krishna – Maha-vishnu steals brahmana’s sons to get darshan of Krishna

8.  Aishvarya Krishna vs Madhurya Krishna – Uddhava in Vrindavan

9. Samyoga vs Vipralambha – Gopis (Rasa Panchadhyaya)




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