Accepting our limitations helps us see the light beyond limitations – SB 10.49.19

by Chaitanya CharanAugust 30, 2014

Lecture Outline:

Dhritarshatra never accepted the limitation caused by his congenital blindness. Hurt people hurt people. Just by being in a position we imagine that we have the qualification for it.

It requires courage to aim for the impossible and it requires courage to admit that something is impossible. Don’t be so resentful about the door that is closed as to miss the other doors that are open – and open specially for you.

Choose carefully what pleasure we enjoy vicariously eg cricket – vicarious enjoyment through triple misidentification

Only two verses nearly identically repeated in the Gita: 9.34-18.65 and 3.35-18.47: do para-dharma and stick to aparadharma

Our svabhava limits us and also directs us

Brahmanadiksha indicates change of guna, not necessarily of karma eg. Businessperson does business in sattva-guna or intellectuals do word jugglery in ignorance to perpetuate ignorance

Don’t mistake dissatisfaction caused by material incompatibility to be ineffectiveness of bhakti

Bhakti is not just about surrendering to Krishna’s instructions, but also about taking initiative on Krishna’s behalf


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