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by September 14, 2014

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If the son practices bhakti, then will his non-devotee parents’ get a good next-life destination due to their son’s bhakti?

How does attachment to result make us the cause of action, as the Gita 2.47 purport states?

During preaching, how important is it to provide relevant material information in addition to the paramapara’s message?

Can we preach without using technology as such use can distract one from Krishna?

Value Education and Spirituality 3 – The Spiritual Foundation of Values 1 – The end is not the end

Value Education and Spirituality 4 – The Spiritual Foundation of Values 2 – Karma shows the sense in life’s seeming senselessness

Value Education and Spirituality 1 – What we value determines our values – and our values determine our value

Value Education and Spirituality 2 – Our values serve as protecting fences and as focusing default settings

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