Right and wrong definitions of success in grihastha life

by Chaitanya CharanSeptember 30, 2014

Lecture Summary:

Don’t offend bhakti by minimizing its potency unfavorably in comparison with the problems of grihastha ashrama (g. a.)

Pessimistic attitude towards g a becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy

Pendulum in definitions of success:

  1. Extreme: adopt grihamedhi’s definition eg “all this bhakti is too much.” Regular practice of sadhana ensure that we don’t get carried away by materialistic conceptions of success
  2. Extreme: adopt renunciate’s definition eg. “see wife and children as temptations”

Balanced: see as opportunity to serve Krishna

Find individual comfort level for practicing bhakti

Success is not just leaving the world and coming to Krishna in the temple, but also taking Krishna from the temple to the world

Have healthy respect for profession – don’t alienate professionals

Don’t alienate children – “My parents made me feel bad about myself for not being a reincarnation of Prahlad Maharaj”

ISKCON’s maturation from the revolution mode to the re-establishment mode

Revolution – get joy in breaking down things including respected and essential edifices of social and spiritual stability including g. a.

SP adopted a hands-off policy towards g. a. because no sense of commitment

To glorify giving up of family responsibilities to those who never had an ethos of responsibility leads to a culture of irresponsibility

But re-establishment requires patience, learning and a service mood


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