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by September 9, 2014
  • Why does the Bhagavatam, a Vaishnava book, state that Kashi is the greatest of all holy places?
  • When Dhruva Maharaj was going BTG and had got a spiritual body, how could he remember a material relationship such as that with his mother?
  • Can we preach without using technology as such use can distract one from Krishna?
  • During preaching, how important is it to provide relevant material information in addition to the paramapara’s message?
  • If the son practices bhakti, then will his non-devotee parents’ get a good next-life destination due to their son’s bhakti?
  • How is Draupadi’s polygamy justified especially when it involves the same man being required to see her alternately as wife and as sister-in-law?
  • How does attachment to result make us the cause of action, as the Gita 2.47 purport states?
  • How do see spiritual organizations that are largely Vaishnava except for considering their founder as an incarantion?
  • If someone is following an Abrahamic religion, should we encourage them to follow that religion or to take up Krishna consciousness?
  • If Prahlada learnt bhakti by hearing from Narada in his mother’s womb, why did Narada say to the devatas before this that the child in the womb is a great devotee?
  • Did Hiranyakashipu not know that Vishnu lived in the Kshira-sagara? Why did he ask Prahlad where Vishnu was and whether he was in the pillar?
  • Narasimhadeva told Prahlad that 21 generations of his family had been delivered, then how did Bali become such a demon that Vamanadeva himself had to come to deliver him?
  • We hear so much in various classes, but apply very little from it. How can we change this?
  • We often feel like doing different things in bhakti at different times – how can we steadily maintain interest in one thing?
  • When scriptures usually refer to Vishnu, do they refer to Maha-vishnu, Garbhodakshayi Vishnu or Kshirodakshayi Vishnu?
  • What is the relationship between Sadashiva, the Shiva born from Brahma and the eleven Rudras?
  • What is the difference between brahma of Mayavadis and shunya of voidists?
  • What is the difference between hatha-yoga, dhyana yoga and ashtanga yoga?
  • If our svarupa happens to be in dasya, how will be satisfied in that svarupa now that we know madhurya is highest?
  • When envy is the cause of our material bondage, how did Shishupala’s envy lead to his liberation?
  • While using a talent such as music for Krishna how can we transfer our attachment from that talent to Krishna?
  • How can we avoid frustration at our inability to follow the standards of devotional service?
  • How is Draupadi’s polygamy be justified especially when the Pandavas have to sometimes see her as a wife and at other times as sister-in-law?
  • Is conscience always the voice of the Supersoul? Does everyone’s conscience tell them that meat-eating is wrong?
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