Can we take charanamrita when curd is forbidden during Chaturmasya?

by Chaitanya CharanOctober 20, 2014

From Dinabandhu P

haribhaktivilAsa 12.100aṣṭaitāny avrata-ghnāni āpo mūlaṁ phalaṁ payaḥ
havir brāhmaṇa-kāmyā ca guror vacanam auṣadham

“These eight do not break a fast — (1) water (2) roots (3) fruits (4) milk (5) haviḥ (anything offered to the Lord viz. charanamrita) (6) brāhmaṇa-kāmyā (offerings usually dear to a brahmana viz. ghee, curd etc.) (7) guror vacanam — (anything ordered by a guru) (8) auṣadham (medicine)

(My thanks to Hari Parshad Prabhu for providing this reference)

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