Do devotees have to go through Brahman realization to attain Bhagavan realization?

by Bhavin KatariaOctober 17, 2014

From Keshava Kashmiri P

you made one point which says that brahman is the transitional realization (like a coast or negative y-axis) ,whereas bhakti towards bhagavan as ultimate realization ( + ve y-axis )
does this transition indicates that one can only get bhakti ,when one first goes through brahman realization .cant bhakti be obtained directly without going into brahman level . brahman level , i guess requires dominance of jnana ,in contrast to bhakti ,where jnana is subservient to bhakti . does this transitional realization ,indicates that bhakti can be obtained only when we have jnana .can’t bhakti be obtained directly .is it not independent

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