Does God like atheists more than religionists because atheists don’t kill children?

by Chaitanya CharanDecember 20, 2014

From Rishit P:

I came across one of the posts in face book by a friend in face book which said:

God: “Dear atheists, Thank you for not killing any children. You are doing great without religion.”

Can you please comment on this?


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Answer Highlight:

The killing of children by the Taliban is horrendous, but this comment on it by atheists is sickeningly self-congratulatory.
1. They invoke a God in whose existence they don’t believe.
2. They put words in his mouth that confirm their distorted notions about religion.
3. So, for such atheists, a non-existent God pops into existence just to congratulate them and conveniently pops out of existence.
The absurdity of such self-serving logic would be laughable, but that atheists are stooping to such a nadir of exploiting the murder of children to compliment themselves is sickening.

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