Krishna’s moods in the Gita – Gita Jayanti class

by Chaitanya CharanDecember 2, 2014

Lecture Summary:

yatra gita-vicaras ca, pathanam-pathanam tatha
modate tatra sri krsno, bhagavan radhaya saha

With supreme ecstasy, the Supreme Lord Sri Krsna and His divine consort Sri Radhika are graciously present wherever the conception of the Gita scripture is discussed, studied, and taught.

(Gita Mahatmaya 43 from Sri Vaishnava Tantra Sara)

Gita – verbal and non-verbal communication

Understand mood from choice of words eg. Said / implied / suggested / insinuated / announced / argued


2.13-14: Exhortation – Use bodily identity to realize spiritual identity

3.26: Sensitivity – Surgery only after trust, milder treatments, anesthesia, sedative

6.33-40: Encouragement – 6.34 repeats 2.67 metaphor, but for inner wind; 6.35 – take other’s problems seriously, not by accepting their feelings as facts, but by giving due attention to those feelings, 6.40 – reassures and refutes Arjuna’s apprehension

9.20-34 – Accommodation – 5 glories of bhakti – eternality of result, simplicity of practice, breadth of scope, overcomes incidental sins and transcends inherent sins

10.12-19 – Appreciation – Knowing Krishna is not to know him fully, but to love him more

11.47-48 – Teasing eg. Remote spoilt when watching horror movie too close to home for comfort

18.63-73 – Compassion eg. Rope extended into well with seat; attained ekagrata stage (73)?


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