Making our scriptural study relevant

by Chaitanya CharanDecember 2, 2014

3 questions:

  1. What did this mean in its original context?
  2. What is the context-independent principle here?
  3. How does that principle apply in my context?

The more specific something is, the less universal it seems – unless we climb up the ladder of abstraction

Two meanings of original – for subjective interpretation (eg abstract art), original = originating from me; for objective comprehension (eg road sign), original = as it meant originally

Context determined externally by tradition, culture, mood and logic

How Prabhupada made scripture relevant:

Eg. Translated Prahlad prayer – ears attracted to radio songs; Gita 15.06 – included electricity; happiness of Vaikuntha like ocean of LSD

Learn to see context – Don’t mistake what is in scripture with what scripture teaches.

Eg. Hiranyakashipu praises Brahma as Supreme

Eg. Papa-yonayah in Gita 9.32 as fourth category

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