The difference between sentimentality and sensitivity – SB 4.8.26

by Chaitanya CharanDecember 1, 2014

Lecture Summary:

Dhruva M’s intolerance to dishonor appreciated by Narada Muni

Difference between arrogance, pride and honor

Words change meaning with time eg. Cult, rascal, preach

Sensitivity – surgeon doing surgery without anesthesia

vs sentimentality – surgeon chickening out of surgery due to fear of causing pain


Arjuna’s many body-related names in the Gita

Loud kirtan near NICU vs stopping kirtan on beach because baby sleeping

Bhishma gives reverse dowry for Madri

Lord Chaitanya avoided taking food at house of non-brahmanas

Social position of women – Prabhupada’s pragmatic engagement contrasted with the Taliban’s disastrous fanaticism


Be sensitive while using acharyas contextual examples for eternal principles

Eg. Prabhupada’s quoting from the Aquarian Gospel

Sensitively use whatever people have a sense of honor about to inspire them to honorably practice dharma

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