When the world is Maya, why not just renounce it?

by Chaitanya CharanMarch 21, 2015

From Padma Naik Mataji
We all know we are not our body but we are so much use to identify ourself with this body, for sure deliberate practice can get us out of this habit but it is very difficult. Do scripture give us any method that is practiced & help us to be a person who identify ourself as soul?

2nd when we identify ourself with soul , I felt many a times ” everything is maya, just exit from all this & be lost in lord” but living in this sansar it is so so difficult to fight the war between maya & soul… We get pulled & pushed …  But when in silence, it is for sure much easy to be with lord…when in temple again we can connect to him, listening to kirtan we can connect… But rest all other place I feel I am lost… Then do we quit other things or how do we manage to connect to him even in that place?

Sure we should chant, we should try to follow regulations that help but still we it is not easy. All of us can only do is to keep fighting with maya by bringing Krishna. But when you know you have to reach Krishna & I still don’t know how much life I have but for sure I am not eligible to reach him, then why should i live in a place where maya is ruling. Our work is corrupt, our relations are selfish, most of our life is filled with all such things & what if I die in few years & become some animal then I will not even have the chance to even know what I know now, then shouldn’t I get out of all this & just focus on lord, serving lord or be with his Dev. For sure this doesn’t say I give up my responsibility. But even living in this superficial & unnatural world is so very difficult. But I want to make the best of this human life that I have.
Even if I live in this material world then how do I be more focused to  learn & identify myself as soul & use body to serve lord & Devs .

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