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by Chaitanya Charan dasAugust 21, 2017

[Youth meeting at ISKCON, Belgaum, India]


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I spoke about discovering the Bahubali within in a Bahubali. I started by talking about how there is physical prowess which is very eye-catching, which is very attractive in a dramatic …00:16 (inaudible)… but actually subtler powers are greater powers, and with the advancement of science… ‘Knowledge is Power’… Sir Francis Bacon said. So, with scientific knowledge and the development what has happened? We humans have developed powers that are far greater than physical powers.

Lions and Tigers… physically they are better endowed than us, but we have conquered over them, we are ruling the earth, why? Because with our intellect we have tapped subtler powers. So, there could be power of bombs, there could be power of guns, but if we go deeper… one atom or one nucleus can have so much power that it can destroy a whole city. So, subtler powers are far more consequential than grosser powers.
On one side technology has given us tremendous access to external power, but unfortunately internal power… that is the power to manage our own desires and emotions; is terribly lacking, and that is why people become suicidal.

So, there are external problems, there are internal emotions and there are our actions and responses. So, external powers have always been there throughout history but the way people are committing suicide nowadays that is unprecedented in modern historical records and that is because they are not able to manage their emotions. So, we for own life and success in our life… we need inner power; the power to manage our own emotions and our own desires.

If we don’t consciously manage this then our inner world will be controlled by something undesirable, something unworthy. I discussed about the Blue Whale challenge. Why do people become suicidal? Because we all need a sense of self-validation…. ‘I am good, I am special, I am wonderful.’… and in today’s world because there is so much glamorisation of ideal things… You know people with perfect figure, perfect speech, great smartness. So, we feel insecure, and therefore in the need for validation we may do anything and everything. Somebody may even think that by hurting myself I will show that I am special. Thus they may commit suicide because of that. So, where do we get our validation from?

Not only do we not have science and technology which has given us access to external powers… but we have not been given access to internal power. That is why we have addictions… device addiction, video games addiction and of course drug addictions and alcohol addictions are of course there itself, but what is happening? When the outer power is not corresponding with the inner power than actually we become more entangled. Not only that, but there is a systematic propaganda by which we get internally trapped.

I will give two examples of how after smoking was known to be dangerous it was portrayed in such a way that it evoked peoples dare-devil spirit and they started smoking more and how? Woman were induced to smoke by portraying cigarettes as torches of freedom. So, power is never taken away as effectively as by giving the illusion of power. So today’s media gives us the illusion of power… ‘You can choose whatever you want, you can eat this, you can do this, but then we are losing power over our desires, our own minds. Now we may not be caught for our wrong doings but we will be caught by our wrong doings. Once we do something which is unhealthy, which is unwise… that becomes stronger and stronger, and it becomes like ….4.30, a shackle which drags us down, and addiction is one of the strongest correlates??… Predictors of criminality. Once the desire becomes addictive… what we may do we can’t predict. A boy killing his own mother to get some money for drugs and then killing himself in remorse. Why this? So, our desires… if they are not managed properly they can completely distort our perspective and make us do destructive things.

So, how do we gain inner power? Our whole society culture media pushes us to get power… improve your memory, improve your speech fluency, get more marks in your exams. All this is good but our life’s success and destiny will be determined not just by this powers but our inner power to manage our emotions.

I told the story of how this university topper was a chain smoker and died because of lung cancer. So, he had the external power but he lacked the internal power… and we can gain internal power of our emotions by our spiritual growth. So, spirituality… what does it do? I talked about… how do we get achievement? Talent plus temperament leads to achievement.

So, we all want achievement and if we don’t get achievement we feel insecure and if we look at others who are more talented than us, then again we feel insecure, but spirituality tells us that… if God had wanted us to be someone else He would have made us someone else. We have been made in a way that is enough for our spiritual growth, for our growth. So, rather than looking at what is there in other people’s plates we savour that what is in our plate. Satisfaction is not just an emotion within, it is a decision we make. So, we focus on the talents we have and rather than craving for others talents we focus on developing our own talents, and then secondly our temperament refers to our capacity to manage our emotions. When bad things happen how do we deal with them? When cheap desires come within us how do we deal with them? And this temperament is boosted and strengthened by our spirituality.

I talked about the story of an American student who had become suicidal because of a break up, but then again when it happened two years later after he had been practicing bhakti… then he took shelter of Krishna, and that which was going to be the most distressing period, it became the most uplifting experience for him.

So, today’s world talks about freedom in terms of freedom for, but a more empowering form of freedom is freedom from… freedom from unworthy desires, freedom from negative emotions, and that freedom from is what is provided by spirituality.

So, we are souls who are parts of Krishna and because He is pure and powerful, as His parts we are also pure and powerful, but like a jewel covered by dirt currently we are covered and contact with Him… because He is all pure… removes the dirt and then it brings out our best. So, whatever talents we can have… we do have…. we can tap them better and the temperament which is what counts in the long run… in our consistency, in our reliability in life… then we trim our temperament. That temperament can be dramatically boosted by our spirituality, by our bhakti practice. Thus with the talent and temperament coming together we can have the inner power to go through world’s magnificent achievements in our life. We all can fulfil the destiny that God has ordained for us, and we can bring out our best and contribute the best in life.

(Transcription by Sadananda Krishnaprema Prabhu)

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