Why does God not answer our prayers? (PK answered 5)

by Bhavin KatariaNovember 13, 2020

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Transcribed by: Suresh Gupta

Edited by: Raji Nachiappan

Question: Why does God not answer our prayers?

Answer: Prayers always work. God always answers our prayers, but we do not understand his answers because those do not always come in terms that we expect. If we truly understand God, then we should understand both his omnipotence and his omniscience. He is both supremely strong and supremely wise. We often go to God when we have a problem we cannot solve. We pray to him, that since you are much stronger, please utilize your strength to solve our problem. However, this is trusting only half of God. We are trusting only his strength, but not his intelligence. We are trusting only his omnipotence but not his omniscience. God knows what is best for us and because he knows, he will do what is best for us.

Sometimes, only by facing the problems, we will grow. If we are prematurely relieved of the problem, the opportunity for growth will be missed. Nature also tells that growth happens through struggle. Once a city-dweller was going through the forest and saw a bird’s egg that had fallen. Inside the egg was a birdlet who was struggling to come out. The wings were coming out partially through the cracked shell while the birdlet kept pushing and pushing. The tiny creature was applying all the force it could but was not able to crack the shell. The birdlet was in distress. The city-dweller out of compassion cracked open the shell and let the birdlet come out. When the birdlet started moving, suddenly a cat appeared and charged towards him. The birdlet tried to fly, but since its wings were not fully developed, it could not. It was then caught and devoured by the cat. The city-dweller realised that he had actually done a disservice to the birdlet. Nature had arranged in such a way that by struggling to push against the shell of the egg, the birdlet’s strength would grow. When the birdlet’s strength grows adequately enough to break the shell on its own, birdlet’s wings will also grow. Those developed wings will strengthen him to fly. Hence by pre-mature breaking of the shell, the birdlet was not helped, rather he was harmed.

We should not, therefore, think that God’s purpose is only to solve our problems. God’s purpose is primarily to help us grow. Problems are sometimes like the shell that are covering us. God allows us to go through those problems and that is why sometimes our problems may not be solved. It may appear to us that our prayers are not answered. However, if we pray to God, not with a demanding mood, but by saying that since he knows what is best for us, please guide us. By approaching him with such attitude, we will find ourselves internally strengthened. By such prayers, we will get the strength to face the problem.

Rather than telling God how big our problem is, we have to tell our problem how big God is. When we have this attitude, we will go to God not so much for solutions, but for guidance and strength. We trust not only God’s strength, but also his wisdom to do what is best for us. That he not only provides us the strength to face the problem but also the intelligence to find the right way to go through the problem. Then whatever problem we face, we will be able to go through and grow through the problem by his grace.

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