​How can a student practice bhakti?

by Chaitanya CharanJuly 11, 2021

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Transcribed by: Raji Nachiappan (Melbourne)

Question: How can a student practice bhakti?

Answer: It is fortunate that an opportunity to connect with Krishna comes in youth itself. Youth is a time when we have energy, intellectual sharpness and a lot of drive-in our lives. If at this time, we can get Krishna into our lives, then all our youthful energy, intelligence, and drive, they can all be constructively utilized.

One of the biggest temptations in youth is to postpone spiritual life for later. The idea of wanting to postpone spiritual life for later comes because we think that spiritual life only has other-worldly benefits. However, spiritual life also offers us these-worldly benefits. When we practice spiritual life seriously, it enables us to become more focused, calm, and self-controlled by which whatever we do, we will be able to do it better.

The vision of life that bhakti offers us is – What we are is God’s gift to us and what we become is our gift to God. Whatever talents, abilities, and resources we have are God’s gift to us and when we use them in a mood of service to develop those abilities and to become better, that is our gift to God.
The studies that we do as a student, we do not just do to get a degree or to get a job, but we do it as a service to Krishna. Earlier, we may have studied to get good marks, however, if we study well as a devotee and do well, then when our friends enquire about it, then we get an opportunity to tell them about the spiritual life. We should see our studies also as a means to serve to Krishna.

That way if we focus primarily on direct devotional activities as much as our studies allow, then we can move onwards to Lord Krishna even through our other activities, including our studies. If possible, finding other devotees in the same age group will enable like-minded associations,s and that way we can progress.

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