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    Guidelines for asking questions:

     1.      Before asking a question, please check the contents page “QA audio” section here to see if your question has already been answered. As there a lot of questions in this section as well as in other sections, please use the search engine with the appropriate keywords related to your question to search through the whole site.

    For example, one of the most-repeated questions is about the fall of the jiva. If you search for “fall of the jiva” in the search window (that is present on every page near the right top), you will find the link for the answer to that question.

    Till now, whenever I am asked question that I have already answered, I have been sending a link to the answer. But this emailing eats into the limited time that I have for answering questions, so henceforth I will not be sending any such links.

    2.      Please write your question clearly so that I can answer the question that you are asking – and not some other question that I have to infer from the unclearly written question.

    3.      Please try to word your question in a grammatically correct way. I will be editing only the title of the question and not its body. So, if the wording of the question is grammatically lousy, that will be seen by all site visitors and feed subscribers. But don’t let grammatical considerations deter you from asking questions. Even when a question is inaccurately worded, most readers and hearers are interested in the question, not in its grammar. So they won’t bother about it – and may not even notice it. 

    4.      Please give your actual email id so that if the question is unclear I can write to you asking for a clearer wording of the question. Your email id will not be published on the site. Also if in future I get a volunteer who can send links to already answered questions, then that volunteer will need the id to send the link to you.

    5.      If you wish to ask a question anonymously, then please state that along with your question. Normally I mention the name of the person asking the question while answering the question and also publish it on the site along with the question. But if you specifically state that a question be asked without mentioning your name, then I won’t mention or publish your name. Already many questioners are using this facility and that’s why a significant number of questions on the site are anonymous. 

    6.      This question-answer forum is for educational purposes, not counseling purposes. So I will not be answering questions that involve direct personal application like “I don’t have a job. What should I do?” or “My social circle is creating xyz problem in my practice of Krishna consciousness. How should I deal with it?” These are questions that are best answered by a personal spiritual guide: a counselor or a mentor. I strongly recommend that you connect yourself with a mature and competent senior devotee who can act as your spiritual guide and answer questions of this sort. Due to my other engagements, I am not in a position to serve anyone as a personal guide. (Those who are initiated or are aspiring to be initiated may seek this kind of guidance from their spiritual master. But usually the spiritual masters have too many heavy responsibilities and are not readily accessible. So it is best if you can connect with a senior godbrother or godsister for this kind of guidance.)

    7.      I may answer some personal application questions if they are relevant to many other questioners too. Even in these cases, the answers are not substitutes for personalized guidance. If you already have a counselor, it might be advisable that you consult your counselor before applying any points from the answer in your personal life.

    8.      I don’t have any system for informing the questioners when the question is answered. The easiest way for you to find out if your question is answered is to visit the site and search for your own name using the search engine. If you had asked that your name not be published, then you can search for a phrase in your question.

    9.      I value every question and intend to answer all questions that are asked as soon as possible. Still, as there are many questions in the waiting list to be answered, I classify the questions into three categories:

    i.                     The questions whose answers I already know: I answer these immediately.

    ii.                   The questions whose answers require some thinking: I answer these when I get time to organize my thoughts

    iii.                 The questions whose answers need some research: I reserve these questions for the time when I can get to do the necessary research.

    So please be patient if your answer is delayed.

     Yours in the service of Lord Krishna

    Chaitanya Charan das