How does bhakti correlate with raising our energy to higher chakras?

by Chaitanya CharanMay 2, 2018

Transcription :

Transcribed by: Sudeep Naik

Question: How does bhakti correlate with raising our energy to higher chakras?

Answer: There are three levels of reality – (i) physical (ii) subtle (psychological or mental) (iii) spiritual.

Among these three, the subtle reality is mapped in different school of thoughts in different ways, but all of these are acceptable models. Just like in quantum physics there is one model of reality but in classical physics also there is another model of reality, but both are acceptable.

According to quantum physics a table in a room does not exist. All that exists is waves. However, when an observer looks at that table then the wave function collapses and the appearance of table manifests. Einstein did not like this idea at all. He wrote a letter to Neil Bohr, a prominent proponent of quantum physics, that he would like to believe that the moon continues to exist even when he is not looking at it but according to quantum theory it does not exist if someone is not looking at it. The model of quantum physics does not make sense to our ordinary way of thinking. However, it is a model, which in terms of mathematical logic works. Exactly how model of quantum physics maps onto the physical world that we experience, is something that advance quantum physicist have not been able to figure out. There is a thinker who said that if you think you have understood the quantum physics then you have not understood it. Each model in physics works in its own way and we use that model for the purpose it serves.

Shad Chakra model is a way of looking at the world or the human body. In this model we talk about seat of consciousness (or energy center of the body) as rising from one level to another level. Essentially this correlates with the elevation of the consciousness from the physical level to the spiritual level. The higher the energy center of the body, the higher is the elevation of the consciousness also. This elevation of consciousness can happen through various processes. When the consciousness comes to the level of brahmarandhra, from there one goes upwards. From there, one can make significant spiritual progress but whether the evolution will attain culmination or not, that depends on the level of our desires. If we still desire to enjoy material pleasures with this higher consciousness, then we will return to physical level of reality to enjoy it again. However, if we want to enjoy eternal life at a spiritual level then we get liberated. Important thing is, it not just the energy center entering into the head level, it is overall purpose of what we want to achieve in our life.
Our consciousness might be raised to a higher level in the sense that energy center is high up, but we may still be looking for mundane things. A vulture flies high in sky but from there he looks down at corpses. Vulture has risen high, but its conception of life has not really changed.

Through the mechanical system of raising of chakras we can come to higher level of consciousness. Where specifically we go, will depend on what is the purpose of our life. There are various systems of yoga but the process of bhakti-yoga focuses not so much on mechanically raising the chakras but on raising the purpose of life itself. When we understand that our purpose is to love the Supreme, lovingly unite with him, and ultimately lovingly serve him in this world, then that elevation of the purpose automatically leads to the elevation of the consciousness.

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