How can bhakti wisdom help us to become more forgiving?

by Chaitanya CharanJuly 27, 2018

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Transcription :

Transcribed by: Suresh Gupta

Edited by: Keshavgopal das

Question: How can bhakti wisdom help us to become more forgiving?

Answer: By helping us see that we are meant to become like our Lord because we are his parts. Just as he has forgiven us, we should forgive others.

Bhakti wisdom is also to understand that we are eternally the part of Krishna, mamaivansho jeeva loke. Just as we are parts of God, we are meant to be godly. If we look at our own lives we have committed so many misdeeds in this life and previous lives. There are so many reactions that we could have got for those misdeeds. One reaction to past misdeeds is that we stay spiritually blinded. The path to spiritual growth, inner healing, reformation, freedom from sufferings remain blocked for us due to karmic reactions. Fortunately, merciful Krishna has overlooked so many of our wrongs and has given us the opportunity to connect with him. He has given us the knowledge of path to him, the purpose of life, the facilities by which we can come close to him. Along with that, Krishna, has given us so many material things – food, light, heat, water, air, without which we will not survive. When we see that we have been given much by Krishna and he has forgiven us from many misdeeds, then we get the inspiration to forgive.

God gives and forgives, we get and forget

If we learn to remember, focus and prioritise, our relationship with Krishna and what he has done for us then that will inspire us to become godly. Yes, people have hurt me, but my Lord has forgiven me, why cannot I forgive such small things. By such mental disposition we will please God and will help ourselves to come closer to him. We will also help others to come closer by our graceful conduct.

By lifting our vision towards Krishna and seeing his forgiving nature, by focusing on Krishna and thus purifying our hearts of godless conditioning, our inmate godliness manifests. One feature of that godliness is to have the same forgiving nature in small quantity as Krishna has in infinite quantity. Thus, bhakti wisdom is the process by which we can become more forgiving.

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