How can we find which work bests suits our nature?

by Chaitanya CharanSeptember 28, 2019

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Transcribed by: Keshavgopal Das

Question: How can we find which work best suits our nature?

Answer: Broadly speaking, we can know about our nature by asking these three questions: (i) what I am good at (ii) what I deeply care about (iii) what I strongly believe in.

How to understand the first question – “what I am good at”. Answer to this question will tell us our strength. Every one of us face different problems at different times. However, there are some problems which we love to deal with, but some problems appear a big burden. To the extent we work according to our psychophysical nature, to that extent we are dealing with problems that we like to deal with. This ensures that we feel inspired to deal with these problems. For example, people who are intellectuals, they love to deal with intellectual issues, e.g. problems which require analysis, reasoning, synthesizing.

Coming to the second question – “what I deeply care about”. Answer to this question tells us in which direction we need to work or the problem that we need to deal with. We need to find out if there is something out there which is wrong, and we would love to set it right. Once we identify such an issue, we will be driven to deal with it. That is how we can find out for what purpose we can work for. For example, if a person had a loved one who had died due to some disease which had no cure, then such a person may be driven to cure that particular disease.
The third question – “what I strongly believe in” – provides indication to the solution. Unless we have a strong believe in something that we think is going to solve the problem, we will not be able to work. For example, a doctor is working to find a solution to a problem and has a strong belief that it can be cured by genetics, then he works wholeheartedly towards solving the problem.

Answer to these three questions help us understand which work best suits our nature.

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