When we have to choose between two good options, how do we choose?

by Chaitanya CharanDecember 30, 2016

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Transcription (edited) by: Bhaktin Raji Nachiappan

Question: When we have to choose between two good options, how do we choose?


Certainly all of us don’t have access to Krishna right now like Arjuna did, but we all have something called conscience. Conscience in Sanskrit is called ‘viveka buddhi’ which means a sense of right and wrong.

Conscience is like a muscle. The more we train it, the better it becomes. There are situations in life when we know what is right and wrong. In those situations, where the choice is clear, if we choose what is right, then we are showing Krishna, who is in our heart that I want to make right choices. And so at a time when the choices are not so easy or not so clear, Krishna will guide us (dadami buddhi yogam tam).

In practical situations where we unable to decide, we just use our intelligence and make a choice and act accordingly. And afterwards, we look back and learn.

Another aspect is that Krishna also guides us through His representatives. When we come in the association of devotees, we hear classes and learn general principles. Then we also develop relationships with the devotees and we may have a spiritual guide from whom also we can ask help to choose.

In general, when there are major decisions to be taken in life, we definitely consult our guides. If there are small day-to-day choices, then we choose them ourselves and reflect back and learn. It is not that Krishna is a fault-finding God waiting to catch us doing wrong. Krishna is a coach, not a critique. That means even if we do wrong, the coach always sees the potential of the athlete and wants to bring out the best. So even if we do something wrong, Krishna’s purpose is not just to punish for the wrong but to guide us towards the right. So He will help us move onwards.

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