Do all sperms have soul?

by January 4, 2012

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Do all sperms have soul?

Yes generally. When Shrila Prabhupada was asked this question, he explained that the souls are generally present in every sperm and that is why the stripting them is considered to be wrong as they do not get the opportunity to get a new body during circumstances like contraception. Science , more or less reiterates this understanding , when it says that actually all sperms have the potential to form an embryo after uniting with the egg. According to science which particular sperm is actually able to reach the egg and unite, depends on chance factors and the fitness of the sperms , relative to each other. From the scriptural point of view, the sperm that succeeds in reaching the egg, is the sperm containing the soul which has the consciousness that is compatible with the consciousness with the united couple, the scriptures describe that the consciousness of the united couple at the time of conception, determines the consciousness of the offspring that they will get. So how does their consciousness effect the consciousness of the soul who will become their baby ? that is among all the souls who could become their offspring, from among all the seimens, all the sperms that are there in there in the male body that is injected into the female, the particular sperm containing the specific soul whose consciousness is compatible with the consciousness of the uniting couple at the time of conception, is the sperm that unites with the egg and eventually produces the embryo . In this way the scientific and the scriptural understanding can be harmonised and in general because all sperms have souls, that’s why any activity that involves wastage of the sperm in terms of not utilizing of the sperms for producing a new seed of life , is considered to be wrong, forbidden and undesirable activity.

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