If an equal devotee becomes more advanced, how can we avoid envy?

by Chaitanya CharanFebruary 14, 2020


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Transcriber: Keshavgopal Das

Question: If an equal devotee becomes more advanced, how can we avoid envy?

Answer: First of all, we need to understand that we have eternal relationship with Krishna. Just because Krishna is reciprocating with someone does not mean that Krishna is not reciprocating with us. It is not a love triangle where two boys are after a girl and the girl goes to only one of the boys. Krishna is infinite and he is available for all of us no matter what happens. Spiritual connection with Krishna, satisfaction, experience of love etc., all this is accessible to all of us all the time. If another devotee advances, it is not going to affect us. There is a place in the spiritual world for the devotee and for us as well. From spiritual perspective it makes no difference. But because we are in the material world, from social and emotional perspective it may matter.

If we see other person becoming more advance, getting more appreciation, so we can see that as a spur to ourselves becoming more dedicated. We can think that if this person can advance then why can’t I? Nobody is born a pure devotee. May be this person’s life was more favourable or was already advanced from previous life. If they have gone that far in their journey, I can also progress similarly in my life. Somebody’s advancement can give us faith in the process of bhakti.

Sometimes advancement may not be just an external activity. A devotee may be doing a lot of service and getting appreciation because of the same. However, whatever service the other devotee is doing, if we also appreciate the devotee, we will also make advancement. We may not get spontaneous appreciation within us, but if we appreciate in the mood of doing service, it will purify us and will inspire us to look into the positive.

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