When we face real problems, can we spiritually raise ourselves above those problems?

by Chaitanya CharanDecember 30, 2016

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Transcription (edited) by: Bhaktin Raji Nachiappan

Question: When we face real problems, how do we airlift ourselves above those problems?

Answer: When we talk of problems, they are not just mental. Problems have a mental component but often they also have a physical component, which is very real. For instance, there can be a sickness of the body or a disagreeable relative or an exploitative boss and these are examples of real problems. And in such cases, airlifting does not mean just becoming free from the problem. It means that the problem is there, but the problem’s hold on our mind is minimised.

Many times, problems come with an inbuilt mental glue i.e. they just stay stuck to the mind. However, if we have actually practiced bhakti diligently, then we can turn our mind towards Krishna at such times. Although it is not easy, but at least we have an avenue. Best would be that within bhakti we find something that we really like to do. We may like some kirtans, bhajans or certain lectures/speakers or books. While we are doing bhakti, we can be observant and notice what gives us the maximum taste. In Sanskrit, this is called as udhipan. Udhipan means spiritual stimulus. All of us will have different udhipans and whatever our udhipan is we have to note that and make sure we keep it readily accessible. For example, some darshan or kirtan that we like can be stored in our phones to keep it readily accessible. Such stimulus can become a quick redirector of our thought towards Krishna.

Such stimuli will not solve my problems physically. The problem will remain and will need a real solution. However, as long as I hold on to the problem in my mind, I cannot do anything else. Whereas, if we redirect our thought towards Krishna, then at least for that time we are not consumed by the problem.

Therefore, airlifting does not mean being completely out of the problem zone, but it just means that we are not consumed by the problem alone but for a brief period we can think about other things as well. Quite often, when we connect with Krishna, we feel rejuvenated and refreshed after which we can look at the problem with fresher eyes and deal with it more maturely.

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