“Proactive Leadership” talk at UDELAS Universidad Especializada de las Américas

by October 23, 2016

At UDELAS, a university in Panama, I was asked to speak on Proactive Leadership. The audience included nurses, counselors and various other caregivers. The department head who had organized the program said that she wanted all her students to have a positive attitude despite seeing much distress in their respective fields.

The gist of my class centered on an example of power loss. When power suddenly goes off, we don’t just curse the darkness – we soon turn on whatever flashlights we have. When the darkness of problems in our life and in the world at large starts overwhelming us, we too can do much better than rant and rail at the state of things. We can all become agents of change – and our spirituality can empower each one of us to become significant agents of change.

After the talk, which was followed by several good question-answers, one participant who was a Colombian de-addiction counselor of Chinese descent said that she felt that the example of the mind as a corrupted software was like a light going off in her head – it helped her make so much sense of the cases she observed and would help her help those thus afflicted.
The talk audio is here:

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