When management affects our sadhana adversely, what can we do?

by Chaitanya CharanOctober 13, 2016

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Question- When management starts to affect our sadhana and consciousness, then we start worrying, what am I doing over here? What should we do in such a situation?

Answer-  We should understand two things regarding our practice of spiritual life that there should be cycles of engagement and withdrawal. There are times when we engage ourselves in the service, and there are times when we withdraw from the service so that we can rejuvenate ourselves spiritually.

In case of temple managers, their job is to create facility for others so that others may withdraw from the stress of  the external world, but for the temple managers it’s like engaging in the world. When the temple leaders organize a big festival or an event, it’s a retreat for others but for them it is actually quite a stress. This is certainly a sacrifice on part of temple managers, no doubt. However, they need to find for themselves some other area where they can retreat. Like if I continue to drive a car, at one point the fuel will be exhausted, and I need to refuel.

Taking up management responsibility is an indispensable and valuable service which someone or the other has to do.  It is a fulfilling and constructive service to Krishna. If Krishna’s devotees have chosen us to do that service, we should feel grateful for that opportunity. However, at the same time we also need to make sure that we are rejuvenated. This can be done by some planning, by taking turns, when at times someone else take the active role so that the other devotee can withdraw for rejuvenation.

Such an approach where different devotees get time for rejuvenation is vital. Otherwise, when we feel burdened, stressed out, we may speak or do things that may aggravate the situation or hurt other people.

It is also possible that when we think of withdrawing, we may feel, how things will go on without my involvement. In such situation, we need to tell our mind – that if I continue how will things go on! Also, often times what happens is if we take a break for rejuvenation in a planned way, things generally do not come down crashing. Most of the times things do go on, and we can actually do better after rejuvenation. Therefore, planning that engagement and withdrawal in cycles is vital for sustainability for anyone who has taken up a demanding service.


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