When we could learn so much about Krishna’s glories by asking him about, say, how quantum mechanics and relativity are reconciled, why are his simple pastimes like playing with children considered the highest?

by August 2, 2013
While reading the tenth canto, there are descriptions of how the gopis would smear cow dung and urine on Krsna’s body to protect him. How Krsna steals butter and urinates and passes stool in the house of the Gopis. How he distributes yogurt and milk to his friends and monkeys.
Krsna’s Vrndavan pastimes are the highest of all. I am not able to understand how the above activities are deeper than other activities. For example, if one met Krsna, one could ask him how to reconcile quantum mechanics and relativity. What black holes really are. How he set such a complex universe into motion (I mean the mechanics of it). What would happen if the fundamental constants change. One could go on learning about Krsna’s wonderful feats by asking him question after question.
Would this be less interesting than stealing butter with Krsna? Why are his pastimes with his friends the highest? I think you will mention that love in this pastimes is at its highest- but I cant understand it.

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