Why was Kunti’s unknowing statement ‘share whatever you have brought’ considered absolute and Draupadai married to all the Pandavas?

by Chaitanya CharanJuly 30, 2014

Transcribed by: Geetanjali Nath

Question:   Queen Kunti when she made statement unknowingly that whatever you have bought let it be shared. Can this unknowing statement considered as an absolute statement, which has to be applied ? and that Draupadi had to be shared.

Answer: No,  it is not just that statement which was the deciding factor, That statement was the initiative factor. The pandavas had not thought of having Draupadi as their common wife, when Arjuna won the syamvar , and she offered her garland to Arjuna then she was accepted as the Arjuna’s spouce. But then Aujuna had another consideration at that point of time. Arjuna was thinking was how can I , I am intermediate brother, how can I marry without Yudhistar being married first. But they were already were having their discussion, but Yudhistar said that Bhima is already married to Dimbi, so that is also happened before Yudhistar’s marriage, so that is not the consideration, but still he said that, she is not , even when Bhima married Hidimbi, Hidimbi was never going to become the royal queen. No when there are in the , even in the mahabharat, you can say there is something like intercast, not only intercast, inter species marriage also. So there was human being married to a rakshashas, But then it was not that they lived together. So Hidimbi and Gatokgat had their own lives and they come and meet regularly and Ghatotgaj comes help pandavas in their wars but she was never going to be the royal queen. So here Draupadi was going to be the royal queen, so Arjuna felt that going to be the royal queen she should be …., so they were already having those thoughts. But then, when Kunti said share all of it, that was the initial factor, and then they discussed further and then Yudhistar also said that this thought , word has come from you , that has to be taken seriously, that does not mean, that that has to be implemented without any other considerations. But it has to be taken seriously. And then afterwards, when they went back to Drupada, when Yvasadeva revealed that , Draupadi , in the previous life had worshipped Lord Shiva and has asked for husband with five distinctive qualities, and she asked for husband five times actually, when Shiva came and it was  Shiva made arrangement  that she will have five husbands, so then that was accepted. Do its not that a casual utterance has to be binding under all circumstances but for people who are very virtious even casual utterances have value and they should also be taken seriously. So her statement was initiated the decision , it did not finalize the decision. Thank you

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