The Spiritual Scientist

Chaitanya Charan’s talks across the world

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What the self seeks beyond the selfie:
Talk at MNC Salesforce


Science, Spirituality & Self-improvement :
Talk at Yale Medical College


Ohio State University, Columbus :
Focus on conscious intention,
not circumstantial emotion


Dayton University, Ohio :
Inner power means to act intelligently,
not impulsively


Princeton University, New Jersey :
The Karma Conundrum –
Does our destiny make us or do we make it?


Intel, Phoenix, Arizona :


Carrier Clinic, Belle Mead, New Jersey :
From will and power to willpower


Grand Valley State University, Michigan :
A Bhagavad-gita view of religious diversity




ISKCON Toronto :
Science vs Religion – Talk & QA


Toronto Public Library :
From mindless accumulation to mindful realization


Talk at Concordia State University :
Rising towards contribution and satisfaction





Urban Yoga, Melbourne :
Counter anxiety by spirituality


Retreat in Australia :
From dharma to prema




Hotel El Panama :
The power of your mind


UDELAS University :
Proactive Leadership




Cambridge University :
Science vs Religion talk show



ISKCON Bahrain :
The mind makes it difficult for people to change –
be understanding