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Why do some people consider the Vedas superior to the Puranas?

From: Panca pandava das

What is the difference between Vedas and purana why some people consider Vedas more authentic than purana?

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[I am posting below the references explained in the answer for the use of the readers who may want to quote them:

Jiva Goswami quotes the Skanda Purana (Prabhasa-Khanda 2.93): "O Brahmins, one who is fully conversant with the four Vedas, the six Vedangas, and the Upanishads, but who has not also studied the Epics or the Puranas, is not actually learned in Vedic knowledge."

Narada Purana says, "where Lord Shiva, the demigod of destruction, is quoted as saying, 'O beautiful Parvati, I consider that the Puranas and the Epics are superior to the Vedas, for whatever truths are present in the Vedas -and quite a bit more-are also explained in these ancient works.' Of this there is no doubt." (Anuccheda 16, text 11)]

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