Krishna Consciousness – Our Love-hungry Heart ()

by November 19, 2011

(continued from yesterday)

Love for the heart: Our deepest hunger is our heart’s hunger for love. When we are starved of love, that starvation strangles our desire to live; love-less living soon becomes life-less living. To make life worth living, all of us offer our love somewhere, be it to a person or a possession or a pet or an idea or a hobby or whatever. However, these objects can never reciprocate with our offerings of love adequately: being limited, they can’t satisfy completely; being temporary, they can’t satisfy permanently. But when we decide to offer our love first and foremost to Krishna, recognizing the futility of all substitutes, he being the possessor of all attractive qualities draws our love like no one else. And for our every offering of love, he being infinite and eternal reciprocates perfectly by filling and flooding our heart with ever-increasing love. This love-flood not only sates our heart’s hunger fully, but also overflows to sate the heart’s hunger of many, many others.

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  • kiran Wagadari
    September 4, 2012 at 8:04 pm

    As George Harrison Prji Said ‘Everyone Is looking For Krsna’.Only Lord krsna can be our topmost object & goal of our love .Mother Teresa Also Said Real Hunger is not So much of Belly ,But hunger of love which has no Substitute.Marvelous Statement ‘love -less living Soon becomes Life-Less living’.thank U very much prji

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