Harer Namashtakam 4 We have to make up for lost time, not lose more time

by Bhavin KatariaJune 26, 2012

nihshvase nahi vishvasah
kada ruddho bhavishyati
kirtaniya mato balyad
harer namaiva kevalam


There is no certainty when the last breath will come and put an abrupt halt to all one’s material plans; therefore it is wise to always practice chanting from very childhood—The holy name of Shri Hari alone is everything.

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Bhavin Kataria
  • Prashanth
    July 25, 2013 at 11:18 pm

    i am very fortunate to listen about this topic regarding time
    i thank u very much prabhu….
    for this post ………Hare Krishna.!

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